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Services Provided by Atlanta Résumé Service

In this market we recommend the Chronological Résumé style. You know… “This is my last position, here are my accomplishments, and here is my job before that and my accomplishments there… ” (It’s really a reverse chronological résumé, but we all call it “Chronological”… Go figure!) There are times when Functional Résumés or Blended Résumés are appropriate and we offer that customized approach too. Remember, we’ll tailor the format for you and your needs. Below is an explanation of the (Chronological) Résumés we offer.

Executive Résumé: This is intended for the C-Level Executive. The reader will likely spend 20-30 seconds initially reviewing this résumé, since there are fewer qualified candidates at this level. To that end we develop phrases that describe qualifications and key accomplishments at the top of the résumé. We also list core competencies. Of course the goal of this format is to attract the reader to spend 3-5 minutes reading the résumé.

Professional Résumé: Many of our clients have been working for more than three years and are in Manager-level or Director-level positions. Their résumé ends up in a “stack” of résumés, so the  reader likely spends 8 – 10 seconds in the initial review of the résumé. The key here is to define your objective simply, but not too narrowly. (We don’t want to eliminate the positions for which you may also qualify.) In addition we use buzzwords to catch the reader’s attention in 10 seconds, so the reader will spend 3-5 minutes reading your résumé.

Student Résumé: We have a format designed for that recent or soon-to-be graduate who has primarily worked only Summer Jobs and Internships. A recent college graduate needs a representative document to prepare for the job search also.

LinkedIn Profile: With industry writers telling us that “recruiters start their searches on LinkedIn over 90% of the time.  You need a presence on LinkedIn, it allows you to maintain a professional online brand.  But it shouldn’t look like a résumé, implying you’re always looking for a job. It should be more casual and narrative, where a résumé is intended to be formal.

Cover Letter: Today these are inserted into the cover of an email to which you will attach your résumé. The term “Cover Letter” refers to the days that we used snail mail to send our résumés to the employer. Of course, today everything is done online, whether by email or “cut and paste” into the employer’s job site. We prepare this document for you with the idea that it conveys a quick, personal, but concise idea regarding why you are attaching your résumé and your qualifications. You will customize it for each situation. A cover letter is a courtesy… without it you will not be making a favorable impression.

Consultation: Some of our clients believe that the résumé they have already prepared will represent them well, but they feel they would like to get the opinion of a “Professional Résumé Writer.” In that case we offer our services on an hourly basis to discuss your résumé needs and format so that you can possibly revise your résumé to make it more effective.

Career and Job Search Coaching: Please call for more information on career, job search, and interview coaching. We can provide hourly consultations up to individualized comprehensive programs.

Returning Clients: Have we written your résumé in the past? We offer updates, reformatting, addendum, letterheads and many other services. Let’s discuss your needs.


Since everyone’s situation is different and we want to personalize your résumé,
please give us a call to discuss.
Call 678-443-2150 for additional information and pricing.