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Here’s a sample of what our satisfied clients have said about our services.

Hi, Anne.

I love it. You have done a great job, and I’m very happy with it. I appreciate all that you’ve done.


Greg did an amazing job and was easy to work with.



Anne and Becky,

Thank you both so much for everything!!  I appreciate the feedback and experience. I will definitely refer your services to those looking to improve their professional profiles. Have a great day!



I have read over the resume & cover letters and everything looks fantastic!

Thank you so much.


Howard and Becky,

Just a quick note to thank you again for your help on my resume at the end of last year.

I was recently recruited and I will be starting a new job as SVP of Sales..

I just wanted to follow up and let you know how much I appreciated your help.

All my best,



It was great working with you  and I am very pleased with how my new resume and cover letter turned out.

Thanks again.



I think that the draft looks exceptional. I very much like the format and think the content is perfect.  I really appreciate your time and effort.  I can’t think of anything I would change. I am excited to start applying to jobs using this resume, knowing it will increase my odds.


Howard, this is great. Thank you so much for your patience as we worked through my crazy schedule and delayed responses. I appreciate your help and look forward to sending this new version out in response to opportunities.


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this email to recognize Christie for the outstanding work she did on my cover letter and resume. I was in a situation where I was taking the knowledge and skills from my previous job and segueing into a slightly different career path. I knew the industry and knew that the need existed; however, there was not a neat and tidy position title for it. I knew I needed help.

A google search led me to Atlanta Resume Service. The length of time you have been in business and the testimonials on your website made me want to give you a try. When I first spoke to Christie, I was a little concerned that she was not familiar with my industry; however, medical call center is a slightly narrow niche. My fears were allayed after seeing her work. She was thorough and she was eloquent. The entire process was very efficient and she was a pleasure to work with.

Keep up the great work!



This resume looks amazing. I’m calling this one final. It looks nothing short of amazing.

Definitely a fantastic job!



Dear Becky,

Thank you for facilitating such great work provided by Atlanta Resume Service.  It was a pleasure to work with you and Greg during this process and when my budget permits, I look forward to ordering supplemental services.  Greg is a master at what he does!




I think this (cover letter) looks fantastic! Thank you again for your help!


I just want to say that working with Greg was great, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the resume and cover letter that he prepared for me.  He was very thorough, quick and professional.  Thank you for excellent service!


John – I wanted to let you know I had an internal interview today and the first thing he said was that my resume was amazing!!!

It truly was money well spent. I SO appreciate you and your services.



Thank you for the final package.  It looks great.  I’ve already recommended one person your way and I’ve got another coming your way shortly…


Thank you very much. Very pleased with your service and will definitely send people your way.

Thanks again!


I wanted to let you guys know I have received a job offer that starts April 4th. The Professional High quality resume I have was a big part of that….

Have a Great week



Now That’s A Resume!!!!!

Thank you for all that you have done for me in putting me in best position to pursue our opening for a Sr. Human Resources Director position.


You may go ahead and close it out. Thanks again for the great resume!



Hi John,

Looks fantastic!

Thank you,



I thank you for all you have done for me and I am looking forward to working with you and Atlanta Resume Service in the future.




Thank you so much for making the changes and your patience with me. I indeed made the changes to my profile! Upon returning from Indonesia, I’ve found our organization going through some, shall we say, growing pains and felt I should get ahead of the game.

Thank you as always for your help! I’m constantly promoting your services to people I meet.

I’ll be in touch for the next update!



Looks like Perfection Greg.

Thank you for injecting my tired resume with today’s expectations.



Thank you John this resume is truly perfect.

Thanks so much.


I first worked with John and Atlanta Résumé Service several years ago when I was transitioning into the mid-portion of my career and needed a “serious” résumé for the first time. At that time, John’s work on the résumé was a profound improvement, and helped me secure a position that I was seeking. Since then, I’ve twice used Atlanta Résumé Service to update and restructure my résumé. Most recently, we were able to integrate my most recent experience and restructure the past experience to create a better narrative. In short, John does a great job incorporating résumé solutions, easily integrates his ideas across different fields and industries, and is prompt and professional- it’s a pleasure to work with him.


Hi Anne:

Thank you very much, and I will certainly keep ARS in mind to refer to others. I was extremely impressed by your prompt service, ease in communications, and the high quality of the resume and cover letter I received.

Thank you,


Looks good Greg.

Thanks for your help.


Good Afternoon Megan,

Thank you so much for getting this back to me so quickly. You did a wonderful job, I’m so impressed! I think the cover letter is GREAT and you did a wonderful job explaining my transition.



This is fantastic! I have 0 complaints…Thanks for all your help! I am so happy with this.


Hi Nancy,

Good morning!   The resume is perfect.  I am so excited to have this as a representation of me and my skill set.
It has been wonderful working with you.


Awesome thanks..Cant wait to get this out there.


I had not updated my resume in over ten years and did not know where to start.  I came across John and his team at Atlanta Resume Services and they were amazing.  I could not be more proud of the end product.


Dear Nancy,

The resume is beautiful  Thanks so much.




They both look great! I would consider both final copies.

Thank you so much for your help!



I apologize for the delay on my response regarding the LinkedIn profile draft.  I have reviewed it and it looks great, so no edits will be required.  I appreciate all your help with these documents!



Hi John,

Resume looks great.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.


Hey Megan,

Thank you so much for everything you have done. Seriously, you have been awesome. I will send another email soon detailing my appreciation for Atlanta Resume Service and you.



It looks good.



Hi Anne,

This looks good. Thank you for your help and hard work.


Thanks Anne,

I appreciate all of your help and look forward to beginning my job search.


Hi Megan,

I am sorry this is late but I am looking over the resume and I don’t see anything that I would change. I think I would like to make this the final draft. You did a great job on my resume. Thank you again.




The cover letter looks great.   Thanks.


Ann, great job. I like it as is.

Thank you!


Excellent.  Thank you for all of your help and excellent craftsmanship.



I have no change recommendations. Fantastic writing!



Thank you very, very much. Perfection!



Greg, The resume is great. Thanks for your help and I will be in touch.


Hi Becky and John,

Thank you for your help with the resume and cover letter. You were able to create a product that I was unable to bring myself to create. Please consider these items as final and I am appreciative of your aid in moving my career to its next chapter.



Thank you. Thank you always for your direction and great work.

Very much appreciated.



Hey John,

Thank you for all of your help. This is one less thing I need to worry about as I prepare for my move home. Everything far exceeds anything I would have managed to put together. So again thanks for working with me to put this together.

All the best,


All looks great. Thank you so much.




I had a chance to look over my Resume, and really liked what you did.  I really did not see anything I wanted to change or edit.



Thank you Greg! I appreciate your resume assistance. Everything looks great! Should I decide to get my linkedIn profile revamped in the future, I will contact the office and request your assistance.


This looks great. Thank you!


Good Afternoon John and Becky,

I was recently speaking with a good friend of mine who is considering exploring other career opportunities. The subject of updating his resume came about and I immediately thought of you and the wonderful service you’ve provided me in crafting a highly professional resume.

That being said, I wanted to provide my friend Chris (who is copied here) with a virtual introduction to you and your staff at ARS. I’ll let Chris communicate with you via e-mail about what he is thinking about doing in this space and the two of you can take it from there…


Already sent out 2 resumes. New LinkedIn profile is generating interest.


Thank Anne, this will be an effective template [cover letter] for my needs.


Hi John-

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround!

Also, I’ve recommended you to one of my former coworkers from several years ago.  Her job was recently eliminated.  Hopefully she’ll give you a call and you’ll be able to help her too!

As always, thanks so much for your help!


I got the job.  I move to my new role July 1st.  YEAH!!!

Thank you for your help!


I like this and can’t think of any needed edits or changes. Thank you for all your help. I may be in touch soon to write my LinkedIn as well.




It looks great! I believe we can call this the final! Thank you so much for your help and patience!


Thanks for all the help.


Thanks for everything Anne.




This is a great resume.



I had the opportunity  to view my resume. It looks good to me!

Thank you for your assistance.


Thank you for your help! I will definitely recommend your service to any of my friends should they happen have a need.


I’ve been meaning to reach back out to you for a little while now as I am in need of updating my resume with new information and positions I’ve held for the last 2+ years.

I was so very impressed with the work you did for me in the past that I would like to utilize your services again.



I thought the first draft was very good, and I was extremely impressed with your ability to turn our conversation into this working resume!



Just a note to say thank you and I am very pleased with how the resume turned out—I will be referring a couple of people in the near future to your services.


John at Atlanta Resume Service provided me with a more sophisticated detail yet concise resume.  I do believe the format that he provided will attract more attention to my resume.  John has a positive demeanor with his customers who are in transition of looking for a job. He is very patient and flexible with making any changes or providing his suggestions; by utilizing his experience in advising what appears to be a more quality resume.  I highly recommend John at ARS and will be utilizing his services as I continue to advance in my next career.

Rgds, Cathy

John, Thanks so much for your work on updating my resume.  You made this painless for me! Now if I can get my foot in a door because of this, that would be even more wonderful!


This is great !! I loved to cover letter as well !! I used my Mac and I don’t know how to work it too well sorry you had a hard time ! I’m so ecstatic about this resume, you’re the best thanks soooo much.


You are a miracle worker Anne. Thank you!  I couldn’t be more pleased with this product!  Thank you again! !!!!!!!



If there are no other revisions you suggest or recommend I think it looks really good and is clearly a monumental improvement over what I had.

Thanks again,


I like the wording.  Let’s call this one done too.

At this time, I am 100% satisfied with my resume and cover letter.

Thanks for your input and efforts on these – it’s already starting to get some traction as I submitted the resume this AM to a hospital group in the NE for a CISO job and already got a call back.  I seriously doubt my “old” resume would have gotten their attention as quickly – well done!


Hi Nancy,

I had a chance to review the edited resume and cover letter.  I have no further edits.  I think they both look great.  Please let me know what next steps are in getting the LinkedIn profile information.

Thanks for all your help!


Looks perfect john! Thank you 🙂



Thank you so much for your hard work.



Thank you for a job well done.




You are awesome! Thank you!!!



I greatly appreciate the help you provided.  My resume and LinkedIn profiles are much improved thanks to you.

Have a great week!


Thank you Anne, I am very pleased with the final result. I have already heard back from someone who thought my resume “looks great”. I will be happy to recommend Atlanta Resume Service in the future.


Dear John,

Thank you so so so much for helping me with my resume. I have been able to land 3 major second round job interviews after 3 weeks of circling my resume. I am most grateful for your professional help in getting me back out in the workforce. Your office is exceptional and I will tell the whole world about using Atlanta Resume Services.

Thank you so much, Emelia

Mr. Weiss,

I do appreciate all your help and I have had an excellent time working with you and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asked about a resume.


Hi Mr. Weiss and Co.

Its been a while since I have informed you on my status after you polished my resume in the Fall of 2012. I was blessed with a position 3 blocks from my home. I could not resist sending you an email to let you know the good news!!!


Jack (a Referral Customer)  The resume writing service I have used (am still using) is Atlanta Resume Service.  They have writers located all over the country and have done an excellent job for me – they also do LinkedIn profiles, executive summaries, etc.


Hi John,

Looks great I appreciate all your help. I will contact you when I need it further updated.

Thanks, John D

Mr. John Weiss,

I reviewed both documents and they are perfect. Thank you for creating a professional resume and cover letter for me. I know they will make a difference as I begin life after college.


John, thank you for the great work. It looks great! It was nice meeting you and I look forward to working with you in the future.



I am very happy with the final result.  Here is a quote for your website:  “ARS was very easy to work with.  My job is not one that’s easily described in a 30 second elevator ride, but they took pages of notes during our initial interview and were able to summarize the last 17 years of my professional life in a formal resume that I will be proud to share with prospective employers.  I would highly recommend ARS to anyone in a similar situation.”

I justed “liked” your firm on Facebook!  ~ Scott

Anne –

This looks really good!  It is much better than what I had previously.

Thank you very much


Hi John,

Thank you again for your help!  The approach that you took with me was very professional, and I liked how you pulled out successes that I had not thought about.  The resume wording for someone at my level is perfect, and I will not hesitate recommending you to my colleagues.



Amazing Job!!!  Love it!  Nothing on the resume needs to be changed . . . . . . It has been great working with you!

Best, Christine

Thanks John! Who says you need a college degree to advance in the working world right? A solid resume and profile, on the other hand, are a necessity!! Everything is going really well and I am very happy with my new company and England is beautiful! I hope yu are well in Atlanta and I wish you all the success in 2014.


Hi Liz,

Looks like I’m set with the LinkedIn instructions.  Thanks for all of your help, and great work!  It was good working with you too.  Take Care!



Thanks again – it was a pleasure working with you.  Keep your fingers crossed as I head out on my job hunt.

Best – Lauren

Thank you Anne and your team for all of you assistance.

I definitely feel more confident with presenting my resume to others, and in my updated LinkedIn page.  I will keep you abreast on where I land.  If I have any friends who need your expertise, I will definitely recommend you!



I just wanted to let you know that my resume has been a real hit. So many have made comments about the overall structure and how impressed they were after reviewing it. Just thought you might want to know.


Hi John,

I think the cover letter is great!!!  Thank you so much!


Hi Liz,

I am ecstatic with what you have produced. Thank you your advice, I must admit that you did such a great job, I didn’t feel right changing anything.
I appreciate your help,


John, this looks great.  Thanks again for the quick turn around.  I will be back in touch to discuss updating my LinkedIn page.



Hello John & Nancy,

I want to thank you both for your time & efforts in working on my resume.  I could not be happier with the result!  Nancy was very detailed and asked all the right questions during our first meeting to get a full “story” from start to finish about my occupational life in order to write my resume. I will definitely recommend ARS to anyone in need of this service and truly appreciate your professionalism.


Everything looks great, John.  Thanks so much for your help.



It looks amazing!  At first glance, I don’t really have any changes! It reads so much better than my attempts!



Hi John!

Thank YOU so much for working with me.  You and Deborah both were so helpful and such a pleasure to meet.  I’m feeling confident that the final product will go a long way!  You bet I’ll be recommending your services to any and all needing help with a résumé and cover letter.  Mine look and sound fantastic!



You are the best. I Love It!



I walked into the door and was greeted by our team. I showed everyone here your resume and you are the “new rock star” of our small group. They are so impressed with the results and don’t think I will be the only one visiting your office.

Thank you so much for the resume that I can feel proud to submit for other positions within the bank.

Also, it has been a pleasure meeting with you; how I have enjoyed the visits.

Next, LinkedIn.


Hi Anne

It was great working with you, John and Deborah and if I hear of anyone who has any work you good people offer. I will be happy to recommend you.

Many Thanks


Hi Anne – I think I’m all set. Already posted online [LinkedIn Profile] and already seeing some activity. Thanks for your help.


Everything looks great, John. I appreciate your expertise and looking forward to sharing my résumé with potential employers.

Thank you,



After everything you did on my on my resume and my LinkedIn profile … it worked like a charm, it was great. Within 12 hours after I posted my resume my inbox just full of recruiters e-mails, so thank you so much!  I really only have good things to say about my experience working with you and the good work you did for me. I’m happy to provide a reference to anyone and everyone!!!



Thank you for helping me reconfigure my resume.  The finished product looked great and I have already received a call back for an interview.  I would highly recommend your services.


John & Liz

I appreciate the great work and partnership of you and your team!



I am over the moon with excitement on the results!  I expected an improved resume but I never expected you to take my experience and present so impressively.  THANK YOU!!



Wow i feel like i have an adult resume now 🙂


Thanks John!

As someone who came in a bit skeptical of the process I must say you exceeded my expectations. Any anxiety I had about my “outdated” resume was alleviated. My resume is organized, eye catching, and comprehensive.You are both professional and fun to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with you over the years to come!!! (Monique)


Thank you!  I got it and I think it sounds very good.  If I read it, I would want to meet me. 🙂
Thanks again and it was a pleasure working with you.  I will let you know about the linkedin profile.  Have a great weekend.

~ CD


The cover letter looks fantastic! I am certain I will have positive results with my new resume/cover letter.

Thank you,


Hi John!

I wanted to send some praise your way! I used your services back in the fall of last year but didn’t start looking for a job until April.
I was so impressed with my results!! I sent out 8 resumes on Monster, scheduled 3 interviews, and was amazed when I got 3 job offers!! I am excited to report I start my new job on Monday! I know without a doubt I have you to thank for giving me that extra edge!



Hi John,

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. I believe my new resume will certainly help open doors for opportunity in the future. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Many thanks,


Hi Liz,

In coming to a conclusion with working with you on this project, I just again, wanted to take this time to re-iterate how smooth this phase of branding a new me was, and I will definitely use Atlanta Resume Service for future resume development needs.


ARS and John W. exceeded my expectations in every way.  I have no problem recommending their services to friends, family and associates.  Thank you for the great work!

~ Robert G.


I think this looks great and will be of great help to me. I am pleased with the result. Thank you.

~ CS


I’ve reviewed the attached resume and everything looks fine. Great job!

~ Patricia


I had been posting for positions online and sending resume’s via mail since August of last year. I did not receive any requests to interview. Two days after I left your office with my new resume’ you prepared for me, I was contacted by 3 potential employers.

I finally found a job that I think will be a great fit. I could not have done it without your help.

Thanks again John, you are a lifesaver!

~ Terri


I believe we are complete.  I have received an offer from AT&T and just waiting on the background check to come back.  Thanks for all of your efforts.


Hi John,

Thank you again for your wonderful work on my resume. I will be sure to refer my colleages to you. 🙂



Many thanks to you, as I found a nice position as a Field Engineer for Bio-Rad in Metro DC. I am certain your writing and creativity gave me advantages, as the company placed 2 engineers out of 300 resumes circulated to the hiring managers. Thank you very much for the help. You have helped me very much in a somewhat uncertain period–I feel on solid ground and optimistic for the future.

I hope to encourage local residents to use a service such as yours. I was close to paying for services from an ‘online resume service’. Thankfully, I read consumer blogs encouraging job seekers to seek ‘face to face’ meetings with professional/credentialed resume writers (as yourself in their cities and communities). Your service is professional, and genuine–the interview process you conduct is key for an honest representation. I can recommend you readily to my friends and colleagues.

~ Steve


I wanted to send you an email saying thanks for all your help in the past. As you may remember, I recently discharged from the Army as a Captain and after several failed attempts to find employment, I came to you for help with my resume. Almost immediately after distributing your resume online, I received several positive responses offering work that interested me. I am now working in Iraq. Thanks again for all your help. Coming to your resume service was my best move in finding new employment. I will be sure to recommend your service to anyone in the Atlanta area looking for work.

~ James


I received a resume assessment that has been provided for me by ExecuNet. You were rated Outstanding in ALL categories!!!! I always like to work with the Best.

~ Dan

Hi John!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did on Buzzy’s resume. The employers were quite impressed, as was I. Thanks!

~ Susan

Wow . . . it’s such a joy to see one’s work pulled into shape like this, John. You are like the Architectural Photographer, who’s work I had the privilege to view last night . . . . He was able to capture and enhance what the Architect was trying to do just by moving the lights around! It was all in the framing and composition and I will now look at buildings differently, as a result. Resumes, likewise, are truly an art form . . . Now, that’s worth at least a dozen referrals. Thanks so much!

~ Tessa


It was really magic! A few days after I picked up your art work, my redone resume. I located an opportunity on the Internet and pursued it by electronically forwarding my resume to the Recruiter handling the intended company’s HR business.

There were six applicants; I was the first to be interviewed. Both the Recruiter and the President of the company commented that they had not seen such an attractive, succinct and well formatted resume; imagine, even considering that it was three pages in length. I was hired the next morning, on the second interview. Thank you so much for your wonderful help and expertise.

~ Rob


I am sending you a short e-mail to let you know that I was strongly endorsed for the position by my previous CFO, I was hired on January 2nd, and I have been working here about three weeks now. It has been a whirlwind of activity; however, I am quickly becoming engaged, it is a lot of work!!!! I purchased a home last month as well, between moving and the new job, I am facing the giants, (I don’t know if you saw the movie), but it firmly describes where I am at. Thanks again for all of your help!!!


Hi John,

Certainly eye catching! I like the looks of it. The information looks accurate. Thank you so much for your time!

~ Sue

I am very pleased with what you have put together for me. It looks great, thank you very much. Super Job! I’ll be sure to recommend your services to others who need a professional resume. Thanks again.

~ Darryl

Wow John, is this really me?? Very nice job. You nailed it! Thank you.

~ Bea


I have already given your name to one of my friends and I am recommending that she get in touch with you. I think we are all good. Thank You!

~ Stacy

Thank you indeed for your effort, I have enjoyed working with you on this project. Will let you know if anything come[s] out.

Atlanta Resume Service is an extraordinary firm! The quality of each resume received was exceptional and the overall customer service received was outstanding. Both John Weiss and Deborah did an outstanding job and definitely a pleasure to work with!

~ ML


Thank you for the introduction to John Weiss. John was just the ticket and we collaborated well!

~ D. S.

Hi John,

I sincerely believe your format for writing resumes has helped me find the great job I wanted! I’ll keep the referrals coming . . . . . Thanks!

Thanks John, it was a pleasure. Will definitely recommend you to others!

~ Monica


I just started a new permanent job 2 weeks ago. I noticed a lot more calls for interviews once I submitted the new resume to employers. I actually had to turn down 2 opportunities. The resume definitely made a difference. I have recommended your services to several of my friends! When it is time for an update, I will definitely be in touch with you!!!! Thanks.