Why is a resume so important? Most think that this is an obvious answer, but it is quite the latter. Yes, a resume will serve as the initial presentation to potential employers of your skill set and work history. But, a resume also tells potential employers about career decisions you made, your potential for tenure with that organization and how reliant you are to make an impact on their organization based on your previous accomplishments.

Many think that a resume is simply a detailing of your work history and perhaps having a lead in sentence or two about what you are looking for in your next steps. What is important to know about a resume is that it is intended to be a highly detailed document that not only communicates your work history, but also what you have accomplished throughout your career.

Composing a resume that is a 360 degree snapshot of your career is daunting at best. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, defeated and in a major blank space when you finally do sit down to put everything together. All too often, professionals find themselves taking on this task as soon as they NEED a resume which can make the process even more stressful. Finding the time and mental space to do this is often sandwiched between may additional competitors: a job, a family, a meal or two, philanthropic commitments, practices, games, cleaning, sleep… And who wants to sit down on a weekend and stare at a blank word document as you are suddenly feeling like you’ve never done anything meaningful with your career?

Take a moment right now and try to recall all of the accomplishments or even the order in which your career has progressed. If that has you stumped, try to think about the last time, if ever, you used formatting applications in a word document- because yes, formatting DOES matter. Now think about how many times you’ve reviewed a document/ paper/ email that you have composed and not identified major spelling and grammatical errors within that document until well after it’s delivery. Is your stomach turning yet? Palms sweating? Heart getting a little “skippier”?

Trusting a resume writing expert will untie your free time and take one less item off your plate- a life changing item at that. They are specially trained to have the right conversations and deliverables to you in order to get the information required to make an outstanding resumes on your behalf. Isn’t it crazy when a complete stranger can remind you of what you have forgotten?! We think so. So why throw together a jumble of words and dates in hopes of getting that interview? Instead, invest in your future by knowing you are putting your best into the hiring world. There’s a lot more to it than you think!

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