Virtual vs. Physical Impression Management: What You Should Know Before Entering the Interview

Virtual interviewing strategies and in-person interviewing strategies share many similarities, but there are also some key differences to consider: 1. Technology Preparation: Virtual: Ensure your technology is set up and tested in advance. Check your internet connection, camera, microphone, and lighting to ensure clear communication. In-person: There’s less emphasis on technology; instead, focus on bringing […]

Quantify to Qualify: The Importance of Creating Tangibility Within Your Resume.

Quantifying your accomplishments and responsibilities on your resume is of paramount importance for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it lends a tangible and concrete dimension to your qualifications, allowing potential employers to grasp the scope and impact of your contributions. Instead of merely stating that you “improved sales,” specifying that you “increased sales revenue […]

Beyond the Resume: Why a Clean Social Media Presence is Essential to your Job Search.

Maintaining a pristine social media presence is crucial when seeking employment for several significant reasons: A clean social media presence is an essential component of your professional toolkit. It enables you to shape a positive image, align with company values, and increase your chances of securing your desired job. Don’t let what happened that wild […]

Addressing the Gaps: How to Navigate Career Gaps on Your Resume and During an Interview

Effectively addressing career gaps in your professional history requires a strategic approach to present them positively. Here’s a refined way to explain career gaps: First and foremost, be honest and concise about the gap in your employment history. Transparency is key, HOWEVER you do not need to recount every little details regarding your gap. “A […]

The Art of Crafting a Winning Resume: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

A well-crafted resume is often the first step towards securing a job interview, but simple mistakes can swiftly sabotage your chances. In the competitive job market, where hiring managers sift through numerous applications, a resume is your opportunity to make a strong first impression. However, several common mistakes can render even the most qualified candidate’s […]

Executive Or Professional: What you need and WHY you need it.

Hiring a resume service is a great idea for many reasons but selecting the resume you need can be tricky. Often times there is a significant price difference between the types of resumes, and you may feel you don’t necessarily fall into one bucket. So how do you choose? The distinction between a professional resume […]

Resume Writing: Not as straightforward as you may think…

Writing a resume may seem straightforward, but there are several aspects that many people may not realize or underestimate. Here are some key points that are often overlooked: Writing an effective resume requires attention to detail and a strategic approach. Understanding these nuances can help you create a more compelling and competitive resume for your […]

Unspoken Resume Rules

In doing a quick Google Search, you will not be hard-pressed to find resume templates and an onslaught of tips and tricks. What is important to note, however, is that a resume should be crafted using some of the unspoken rules that employers are looking for. A Resume is Your Highlight Reel Especially during this […]

Resume Writers Block: Why Investing in a Professional is a Smart Choice.

When we think about writing a resume, it’s not uncommon to consider it an easy task. “I lived each day of this career, so no one could possibly know it as well as I do.” But then you go to sit down to write your resume and suddenly you find yourself staring a blinking cursor […]