When we think about writing a resume, it’s not uncommon to consider it an easy task. “I lived each day of this career, so no one could possibly know it as well as I do.” But then you go to sit down to write your resume and suddenly you find yourself staring a blinking cursor as if the last ten to twenty years of your life suddenly vanished.

Why is it so hard?

Writing about yourself is tough, even though you walked every moment of your career.

Our whole lives we are taught to share, be a team player, keep a level ego and don’t hog the spotlight. Writing about yourself and highlighting your accomplishments essentially goes against everything we’ve been programmed to do up until this moment. A professional resume writer will provide you with the tools and direction needed to speak about how wonderful you are without making you feel like you’re committing a “brag crime”; in fact, you may feel pretty good about yourself by the end.

While you worked this career day in and day out, now you’re having to sort out all of those minutes, reports, meetings, sales, losses, promotions onto two sheets of paper. Where do you even start?

How do you know what is TRULY important? You are a successful professional, isn’t it ALL important? This is overwhelming on your best day. A professional resume writer will be able to talk through each career move and position held to extract the most important items that will best suit your career goals going forward and showcase them in a manner that cannot be ignored.

Not everyone is cut out to be an author...

…if we were, we’d all be making millions writing books. Sometimes it can just be as simple as that. Most of us hire out a service for one thing or another because we know that there is someone out there who can do it better than we can. We take clothing to be tailored, we order cakes from a bakery for our kid’s birthdays. We pay technicians to fix our appliances- why? Because each of these professionals possess a skillset that does not exist within our repertoire, and we are seeking meaningful resolve to these issues. And that’s OK. Hiring a resume writer is no different. You worked hard to be where you are, now let an expert take the wheel.

Hiring a resume writer is a huge time saver.

Our lives are busy enough. Generally speaking, most of us do not have the 7-10 hours it takes to independently navigate the hardships above with our busy schedules. A resume writer will be able to communicate with you in small segments that fit with your schedule to gather the information they need in order to craft an articulate and professional resume. Not only will you be able to resume chaos as usual, but you’ll have a crisp, articulate, professional resume so that you can use that time to apply for jobs and interview for your future.

Make the investment. You are worth it.

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